"Every informed person needs to know about Bitcoin because it might be one
of the world's most important developments. Bitcoin might revolutionise more than
money or economics. It could transform the role and nature of government."
- Leon Louw, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

What is CryptoStart?

We provide a starting point for people curious about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
We introduce the basics for people from
non-technical backgrounds wanting to learn about the value and potential of the cryptocurrency space.

Who are we?

Meet Steven and Marc.
With diverse professional backgrounds, they connected over a mutual passion for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
We are based in Vancouver, BC.

What we do

We give free presentations that provide a general overview of Bitcoin, including: how to safely purchase and store cryptocurrencies, and mitigating cyber security risks.
We also offer consulting services (in-person or via Skype) for individuals that would like further assistance with account setup/wallet security, or have more personalized questions and want to explore more.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin emerged close to a decade ago, however there is still a massive gap between what the general public think Bitcoin is, and what it actually is. Misinformation and sensationalism has lead many to believe Bitcoin to be a scam, a ponzi scheme, something that will soon burn and crash.

What is Bitcoin? It is:
- a digital currency that can be used by anyone
- not controlled by any government or entity (decentralised)
- secured (through cryptography)
- deflationary (there will only ever be $21m bitcoin created)
- a revolutionary technology (blockchain) that has the ability to disrupt every industry

Belief in the value and potential of Bitcoin has seen it grow to an over $170 billion market, passing the massive $10k USD per bitcoin milestone in November 2017.
Whilst Bitcoin has made it's mark in the world, it is still nowhere near the potential it could reach. We invite you to come down to one of our presentations to learn a bit more about Bitcoin and how it could benefit you.

What is CryptoStart?

Our mission is to introduce and educate the general public on the value of Bitcoin. Whilst there is an abundance of information on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, there is a large gap of understanding between the tech and non-tech communities.

We hold regular presentations for non-technical individuals, focusing on a general overview of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, current market sentiment, cyber security risks, and how to properly purchase and safely store cryptocurrencies.

   January 30th @ The Common

Who are we?

   Steven Tram

My interest in Bitcoin began a few years ago out of pure speculation, trying to make 'easy money' from something high risk and very speculative. I purchased a small amount without knowing too much about it (definitely something I do not reccommend), however the more I read about Bitcoin, the more I became fascinated with blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency space. I have been trading digital assets full time for over a year now and have a firm belief in the future of cryptocurrencies. I am a Certified Bitcoin Professional with a background in the banking industry, working three years in a HR advisory role and two years in a technical role managing the HRIS, payroll and recruitment systems for the institution.

Marc Soer

I am a father, husband and community member who is concerned with mental, physical and financial health. I started my career as a Database Administrator and moved into Javascript programming (e-commerce) in my early 20s. I became concerned about economics after the 2008 financial crisis, learning what I could about the cause and reason behind the crash. I gained a deeper understanding of how financial institutions function through my work in the insurance industry. I learned more about Bitcoin after participating in the Occupy Wall St movement, and started trading and investing in Bitcoin after realising its value and potential. I truly believe it is the greatest opportunity we will see in our lifetimes.

Contact Us

General Enquiries: hello@cryptostart.ca
Steven: steven@cryptostart.ca
Marc: marc.soer@cryptostart.ca
If you would like to purchase Bitcoin, please contact Marc for more information